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  • Fire blankets are made of soft fabrics, well insulated and heat-resistant.They are suitable for extinguishment of fire of various sources including electric fire. They are effective in putting out fire quickly or preventing from further spread. As compared with using fire extinguisher, fire blankets have the same fire extinguishment performance for small-scale fires in household and kitchens, but they are more convenient and easy to use without any concomitant secondary pollutions such as those from fire extinguishers.


  • Position and place fire blanket against the wall of the room or exit
    passage where it is easy to access and take for use.
  • In case of fire, unfold the fire blanket completely and put it in level with chest position. Cover the fire source with the blanket completely, turn off power or gas supply, and leave the fire covered until cool.
  • In case of evacuation, unfold the fire blanket completely and cover or wrap the body .
  • When cloth catches fire, use fire blanket to wrap the part of body on fire and patting gently to extinguish the fire.

Product Description:

  • Size: 1.2 M X 1.2 M
  • Material: Glass Fibre
  • Usage: To stop initial stage fires
Categories: Fire Safety Products